Knowledge and Learning

Through supporting and conducting research as well as the Changing Faces Changing Spaces conference, we create tools and spaces that facilitate activists to lend voice to the sexual and gender minorities and sex worker landscape by sharing organizing and advocacy experiences, track trends and build alliances while providing us lessons on current dynamics and needs.

Changing Faces,Changing Spaces

Changing Faces,Changing Spaces

In 2007, an activist conference themed “Changing Faces Changing Spaces” (CFCS) was convened by sexual and gender minorities and sex workers, and their allies and funders. The meeting recognised irreconcilable differences between the Western-influenced world of money and the world of work in the region. The conclusion of the meeting was that there needed to be a funding mechanism led by local activists within the movements towards bridging the disconnect between funding and work.


Two years later, UHAI was born, along with a participatory approach to grant making to support movement building in the region.Since then,UHAI has hosted CFCS as a biennial conference that has grown in its pan African identity. In 2019,UHAI will have hosted CFCS for the 7th time and continuing the tradition of CFCS as a platform through which  human rights activists and organisations, health and legal professionals, allies and donor partners from across Africa and beyond, undertaking and supporting African sex worker and LGBTIQ activism deliberate, strategise and share the experiences that impact our movements.


In keeping with the participatory tradition, the conference is conceptualized and planned by a task force comprised of activists drawn from the sexual and gender minorities and sex worker movements in Africa.


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