Over the last 10 years UHAI has made 600 grants amounting US $9 million in seven countries. We owe it to the people and the movements we support to become a more financially sustainable organization. 2019 marks 10 years of UHAI fighting inequality, injustice and violence through funding and organizing.

In honor of UHAI’s 10th anniversary and the brave advocacy our community partners have been advancing over the years, we are launching a fundraising campaign to power our cause for social justice over the next 10 years. We are launching the UHAI@10 campaign: Step Up for UHAI/Step Up for Justice.

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UHAI is providing the communities we serve resources to push for change, while importantly, building their agency and leadership in burgeoning fight for equality and social justice. We are eager to make connections that will foster much-needed human rights for LGBTI people and sex workers in Africa. Join our community and make a difference!

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supporters & collaborators

supporters & collaborators