Our communities through our peer grants and strategic grants mechanisms have determined issues of funding and disbursed USD 12 million in 900 grants. This approach moves decision making from being donor centered to being community driven. It is in itself a diligence check as communities know who is doing what work. Finally it allows us to take risks that traditionally donors would shy away from. Participatory grantmaking allows us to take into account intersectionality and to reach groups that would otherwise be left out of mainstream funding such as transgender, intersex, refugee or migrant sexual and gender minorities.


Through philanthropic advocacy, UHAI has actively participated in shifting how funding of the movements is done at national as well as regional levels. UHAI EASHRI is supporting other regions in Africa to develop a similar fund notably Initiative Sankofa d’Afrique de l’Ouest (ISDAO) and with our partners at the Love Alliance 

UHAI makes 1 of every 6 sexual and gender minorities grants globally, and is the world’s 9th largest funder of sex worker rights.


Your contribution ensures sexual and gender minorities and sex worker communities across Eastern Africa are supported to sustain the fight for a world in which all people live equally and in dignity. 

Your contribution ensures Eastern Africa sexual and gender minorities and sex worker communities receive the support they need to cultivate resilience and affect social change. Join the movement for the fight for equality in Eastern Africa by making monthly donations.

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