We award Peer Grants once a year through an open, competitive and participatory process determined by the Peer Grants Committee [PGC] who are thirteen [13] activists nominated from Eastern African sex workers and sexual and gender minorities movements to represent the region’s diversity. The grants include  


These are 1-year General Support grants with a funding ceiling of USD 7,500. Traditionally, Msingi grants have been awarded to organisations that have not received a grant from UHAI EASHRI before, but existing grantees of UHAI EASHRI are welcome to apply to this category as well. 


These are also 1-year General Support grants with a funding ceiling of USD 20,000. In the past, Tujenge were used to contribute to ongoing programmes, and/or cover the core support costs of developing organisations. 
Organisations that qualify under Tujenge grants: 
Have a good track record of utilising awarded funds on schedule and submit their grant reports in good time. 


These are 2-year core operating support grants of up to USD 60,000 allocated at a maximum of USD 30,000 per year. Imarisha grants are geared towards consolidating and sustaining organisations that have long-term and large scale strategies. 

UHAI EASHRI created Imarisha Grants in response to feedback from our grantee partners that, while many funders could support activities, few funders were willing to support the core and operational costs of the work of organisations. These grants are purely for core support to the organisation, to cover operational expenditures such as salaries and indirect programme costs, strategic planning etc. 

Organisation receiving Imarisha Grants, will not be allowed to charge programme activity costs to the grant.